~Team Biographies~

Much like Public Access, the team of individuals that makes this program possible is built of volunteers with a special place in their hearts for PEG Cable Access Television and the broadcast medias. Their time, efforts, energies and even expenses are donated to the cause of creating the Eye On Access program and because of that, this program and its mission are infinitely indebted to them.

Victor J. Walter - Creator, Producer & Director of Eye On Access

Vic has been in the Public Access world since 1996.  Starting off as a volunteer during his freshman year in high school, he began crewing on various programs produced from the Zion, IL (closed 2008) Cable Access studio as required by his high school video club, ZBTV.  Vic then spend his four years of high school, including summers, clocking in over 8,000 logged volunteer hours with his video club.  

Just prior to graduation in 2000, the Zion studio hired him on as a part-time employee to handle channel playback for the local Public Access channels 19 & 17 as well as studio supervision during the production of Public Access programs.  Within a year, Vic was promoted to full-time status as the Public Access Technician and has been working in the world of PEG Access Television ever since.

Vic has expanded his skills in the industry from administrating PEG Access facilities to exceptional knowledge in many roles in the production process and A/V broadcast engineering.  Vic also went on to start his own production company, VBV Entertainment Company, that provides an array of affordable video services as well as public access programming driven by his passions for video production.  You can see more of his background by visiting his LinkedIn page.

"I've learned so much, and there's plenty more opportunity to learn and grow." - Victor J. Walter

Janet Ahern - Executive Producer of Eye On Access

In 1979 I fell in love, with television production. My high school, at that time, was the only high school in the country that had a fully operational TV studio, with industry professionals. I went on to receive my Associate degree in Library Instructional Media-Audio/Visual, and a Bachelors degree in Communications. Ever since, I have enjoyed working, more like playing, in this field.


I spent 10 years at Cuyahoga Community College in charge of the day-to-day operations of their TV studio. Helping to train students in TV Production and as on-air talent was a very rewarding part of my job. I also worked several years in various high schools’ TV studios, again training students in all aspects of the world of television. Many programs were aired on the local PEG stations.


For 9 years I enjoyed working for Brunswick Area Television, a local PEG station within the City of Brunswick, Ohio. I started as a Production Assistant, and then I became an Access Specialist. I produced many government access programs and trained many highly dedicated public access users. I have met the most dedicated people through PEG, people who share a passion for their community and the medium that is PEG.


I am currently a Multimedia Producer with the City of Champaign, Illinois, CGTV. I keep our channel running and produce government programming. I am blessed to be working in the field that I have loved for over 30 years. I hope I have inspired others to pursue their dreams and to never give up.


You know you’ve been an inspiration when your child follows her dreams of being a screenwriter!"- Janet Ahern